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Every one of us dreams about a better future, a better life where our hearts will be content and our mind calm, without thinking of the many problems that plague our lives. This is what MEDASTRANA is all about, it brings you closer the fulfillment of your dreams, hopes and to your higher inner self.


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Medastrana contains three elements:
1. Pythagorean numerology,
2. Influence of the Sun to human’s life (Astrology) and
3. Meditation.


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In Medastrana, you enter in a world of light where the most important things are: your self-improvement, the improvement of your relationships, the improvement of your life quality. Your daily life enters in another dimension.

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The effectiveness and the law of the numbers circle from 1 to 9.

According to Pythagoreans, everything in human life is driven by the law of the circle of 9, for example, a complete pregnancy lasts 9 months. Besides the numbers are from 1 to 9. Each number has a frequency and a vibration that is coordinated with the energy of the universe. Pythagoras, among others discovered and documented the relationship between numbers and the operation of the universe. Pythagoras also discovered the kind of the vibration and the affect of each number in humans. The correspondence between numbers and letters of the English alphabet:

FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: A : 1, B : 2, C : 3, D : 4, E : 5, F : 6, G : 7, Η : 8, Ι : 9, J : 1, K :2, L : 3, Μ : 4, N : 5, O : 6, P : 7, Q : 8, R : 9, S : 1, T : 2, U : 3, V : 4, W : 5, X : 6, Y : 7, Z : 8.

Each number has a frequency and a vibration that is coordinated with the energy of the universe. The name and last name can reveal to you a lot, for example adding the numbers corresponding to each letter of the name and surname, you have the discounted sum in a single digit, which shows your tedencies on the way you act in life. Here is a summary of the vibrational influence of each number.

Number 1: Active power, strong will, leadership, independence and authority.

Number 2: Passive power, patience, love, konwlegde about relationships.

Number 3: Creativty, optimism, joy, self-expression.

Number 4: Hard work, planning, materialization, cautiously.

Number 5: freedom, change, progressiveness, change, inventiveness.

Number 6: responsibility, love for family, caring, balance.

Number 7: Intellect, inner wisdom, scientific and technical knowledge, intuition.

Number 8: Power, achievements, managing money, ierarchy.

Number 9: Completion of many talents, luck, compassion.