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Every one of us dreams about a better future, a better life where our hearts will be content and our mind calm, without thinking of the many problems that plague our lives. This is what MEDASTRANA is all about, it brings you closer the fulfillment of your dreams, hopes and to your higher inner self.


Medastrana elements

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Medastrana contains three elements:
1. Pythagorean numerology,
2. Influence of the Sun to human’s life (Astrology) and
3. Meditation.


What are your benefits

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In Medastrana, you enter in a world of light where the most important things are: your self-improvement, the improvement of your relationships, the improvement of your life quality. Your daily life enters in another dimension.

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Self improvement and its use in our daily routine

It is generally known that man is a being which develops continuously. This means that it can be improved. Stillness is a kind of death. Spiritual stillness leads to a soul death. Therefore, when you work for your self-improvement, it means that spiritual movement exists, which leads you to the development of your soul and therefore to the evolution of your soul, spirit and existence. The first step of self-improvement is the true and in depth acceptance that we need improvement.

Very important is our self observation, to observe what we feel, do, say, because in this way we can check our self at anytime. The purpose of our self checking is to gradually find our true and clean existence, getting rid of the burden of our origins and especially of what we have acquired from our childhood and the inevitable mistaken our parents have made. Self-improvement helps us become more functional in our daily life because we learn to handle in a correct way our passions of anger, rage, grief, selfishness and other many negative influences.

The correct management of our passions gradually brings us in the happy position to handle with peace and serenity the difficulties of life and above all the pain in life. As BUDA said: life is pain.