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Every one of us dreams about a better future, a better life where our hearts will be content and our mind calm, without thinking of the many problems that plague our lives. This is what MEDASTRANA is all about, it brings you closer the fulfillment of your dreams, hopes and to your higher inner self.


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Medastrana contains three elements:
1. Pythagorean numerology,
2. Influence of the Sun to human’s life (Astrology) and
3. Meditation.


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In Medastrana, you enter in a world of light where the most important things are: your self-improvement, the improvement of your relationships, the improvement of your life quality. Your daily life enters in another dimension.

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Global prosperity and the use of the quote “Ta panda rei" in the improvement of our daily life

Ladies and Gentlemen, philosophers and thinkers of the world, I’m happy and honored to participate in this world philosophy Forum.

Nowadays we observe in a global scale a continuous rise of warfare, immense pollution of the environment, the rise of poverty, the extinction of various species, the destruction of the flora and the Oceans. Furthermore the decadence of mankind could be expressed through the existence of outrageous child abuse, the pollution of Earth, warfare around Globe and many more other things which show intensely the degradation of the human kind. Most of the people become upset and sad with all these things. Nobody can remain untouched and unmoved. On the other hand, technology, consumism and the need for luxuries are developing with a “speed of light’’.

The Ancient Hellenic (Greek) cultural Legacy like philosophy which were given as a gift to the whole world can give again a progress-push to all levels of societies around Globe. Ancient Greek Philosophy is a great spiritual “tool” for the human kind. The economical crisis is first of all an ethical crisis. Philosophy can help us find our inner higher self, can help us correct our ethical code. In a global scale the teaching of classical Ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates is very important.

A correct and fulfilling education begins from the very first steps of our children. For example: teach philosophy to children from the age of 4 years old by using draws, pictures like a toy, or like a story about philosophers and their quotes. “Panton hrimaton metron anthropos”(in English free translation: measure for all is human) means THINK AND ACT WITH LOVE AND RESPECT TO OURSELVES AND TO EACH OTHER. I believe that the improvement of humanity pass through the path of self progress and self improvement. Excellent units make an excellent team. Also I believe that “Panton hrimaton metron anthropos” means that humans and Earth are one. By giving respect to Earth and nature we give respect to ourselves.

The key for a global prosperity is “Panton hrimaton metron anthropos”, because a true Word prosperity is based on ethical values of the Mankind which is absolutely connected with Earth and nature. When a man respects his self the result is to respect Earth and nature too. We can achieve solidarity by improving ourselves.

Ancient Greek philosophers gave us a great spiritual Legacy which is very useful to improve ourselves and societies around the Globe. We can use Philosophers quotes to improve our daily life.

Heraclitus said the famous: TA PANDA REI. He is used to be called the “dark” philosopher due to his incomprehensible philosophical teaching. First of all philosophy is a way of life, a daily routine. You don’t need to study philosophy books to have experienced it. It is important to be able to use philosophy as a “tool” in order to improve the quality of your life. Philosophy is not only something theoretical, it’s a result of the human need for improvement and progress. TA PANDA REI means that everything is in motion, everything flows, nothing remains the same and nothing is stable. Actually, the meaning of “now” does not exist.

The word “now” was created to help the simply practical exchanges of man. Basic issues which occupy man are life itself and the pain it creates. Pain derives among other issues, from the illusion most of the people have that we can inherit or create a stable condition in our life, such as a family, a relationship, a home, a yacht and other things. Every time these stable conditions are at risk, then pain comes. For example: you may have an intimate relationship and you dream about it making plans for the future. The dreams and plans you make are beautiful and everything goes well, but then something happens and the relationship breaks up.

Always remember the phrase TA PANDA REI, this phrase means that everything is in motion, everything is changing. Keep this saying in your mind and do not believe that everything is steady and for granted. Man has a tendency to take for granted and believe that life and death, good and bad, true and false, are steady conditions and ideas. Heraclitus said that nothing could be steady in our existence, and the existence of the Universe. What Heraclitus said could be very useful in soothing the pain our life creates. Actually, there could be no life without fluidity and movement. Fluidity, change and motion support life. We get born, grow and die. Everyone is part of circle of life.

Observing humanity being as one race, we see the phenomenon of rebirth because every time a man dies physically a human “seed” always produced and the human race continues incessantly to live. The same happens to stars, when a star dies there is always a “seed” in it allowing a new one to reborn. Our observation of change around us helps us realize in a better way the usefulness of the phrase TA PANDA REI. There is nothing stable around us neither within our own selves. If you find something that is stable, then possibly what you found has no hope of progress.

The toughest and more catastrophic thing that could happen to a man is to enter into a long period of mental and psychological stability (no progress). An individual, who is mentally and psychologically dead, is an individual who has given up to the basic instincts and weakness and can’t have progress in a spiritual and mental level. Every time you feel that a stable condition in your life is threatened, bring in your mind the phrase of Heraclitus TA PANDA REI. You could use this phrase as a “tool” to reprogram your brain. Connect this phrase with every difficult moment of your life, especially when the stable conditions you have built is threatened. Also connect this phrase with your progress and creativity.

Be open to every useful and creative change you may have in your life. Having in your mind the phrase TA PANDA REI, you may easier observe the changes which take place around you locally and internationally. Also, when you are based on love to yourself, your fellow human beings and every other form of life it’s easier to change your attitude in life and reconsider your opinions to the best. By bringing in your mind the phrase of Heraclitus is not enough to cast away pain and improve your quality of life. Necessary is to change your attitude towards life and the way you think and act. In any case, the phrase TA PANDA REI is a very important tool which contributes to the improvement of your every day life and the soothing of the pain in your life.

I would like to give a message, love and improve ourselves means love and improve all humanity. I love planet Earth because it’s my home because it is a part of me and I am part of Earth. Earth is a living being, Earth’s heart is “her core”, “her blood” is Lava and “her skin” is earth crust, and maybe earth soul is us…..humanity. I love Earth, I love my fellow men.

Speech of Dimitris A. Pollatos at the 2nd WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FOROUM IN ATHENS, GREECE 3-7 OCTOMBER 2011.