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Every one of us dreams about a better future, a better life where our hearts will be content and our mind calm, without thinking of the many problems that plague our lives. This is what MEDASTRANA is all about, it brings you closer the fulfillment of your dreams, hopes and to your higher inner self.


Medastrana elements

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Medastrana contains three elements:
1. Pythagorean numerology,
2. Influence of the Sun to human’s life (Astrology) and
3. Meditation.


What are your benefits

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In Medastrana, you enter in a world of light where the most important things are: your self-improvement, the improvement of your relationships, the improvement of your life quality. Your daily life enters in another dimension.

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The power of faith.

What is faith? An emotion or logic? Faith is a lot of things. First of all faith is born from our need to make our dreams come true or to satisfy our needs, such as to have a success in our career or to heal an illness. Sometimes we believe in ourselves and some other times we believe in a superior power such as God. Among other things faith is a power which moves our existence. There is no faith without hope, without optimism, without love to ourselves, without our need for a better present and future. Faith to ourselves contains faith to God, because we are creations of the unborn God. Faith is something non material. Faith exists in our mind, our soul, our heart.

If Human is a being, why the Earth, the Sun, the planets and Universe are not beings?, they are beings which have their own intelligence, their own language, their own way of behavior, their own way of live. Earth is a being which is being destroyed by some humans, the Sun gives us life. Why we, the humans are thinking and acting based only on the knowledge of our existence and animals existence? For those people who believe that they are connected with the Universe and feel that they are part of it, they can feel their real big power and the true power of their faith. We are all part of our Earth and Universe.

The more faith we have to our will and our success, the greatest possibilities we have to succeed. The ultimate faith is based on the knowledge of our true power and the knowledge of our true existence. Our true existence is that we are part of the Universe and God. Our true power comes from the limitless abilities we can have as humans, comes from God and comes from the love for Universe. This ultimate faith is the base for our success in our lives. A faith like this which is so deep and powerful can do miracles, and help us to improve our lives, and the lives of our fellowmen.